Primary Level – Primary 1 to 3 Programme

This is a creativity, improvisation and acting skills-based programme for primary school children that uses stories, discussions, drama activities, music, movement, improvised activities, scenes and adventures to develop Confidence, Creativity and Collaboration.  Your child is now ready for bigger things!  This programme focuses on dynamic, emotional story-telling while showcasing strong collaborative skills. The emphasis is for the child to immerse themselves in theatre. Children explore drama by using stories to stimulate their dramatic imagination. Through this process, the child unlocks their creative potential and explores the magic of their inner self.  Each week your child also gets the opportunity to use, explore and engage with various props and costume pieces from the Creativity Chest.  These items are used as a stimulus to create monologues, dialogues and improvised scenes (where they can focus more deeply on character development).  The Creativity Chest allows your child to push their creative limits and lets their ideas soar!  All these skills build throughout the term into a short performance for parents to watch on the 10th lesson!  Come and watch your primary school kid shine!!!


Your child will

  • Learn and expand characterisation through acting techniques based on the individual mini themes.
  • Improve and build emotional control through emotion-based explorations.
  • Improve vocal projection and oral language skills by learning proper vocal projection techniques, speaking in front of others and in a group setting.
  • Develop the confidence to express their ideas through open discussions, storytelling and improvisation.
  • Explore spoken language and their ideas by taking part in interactive storytelling and discussions.
  • Develop collaboration skills by actively listening, accepting others’ ideas, and developing teamwork through a multitude of theatrical activities.
  • Develop and cultivate creativity through improvised practical activities, scenes and adventures.
  • Develop quick-thinking and problem solving skills through more advanced theatrical activities.
  • Learn how the acting techniques taught in class can transfer to their classroom activities and daily life.
  • Use props and costume pieces from the Creativity Chest each week to create monologues, dialogues and improvised scenes (with a deeper emphasis on characterisation).
  • Stage a short performance for parents to watch on lesson 10.


No. of lessons per term: 10 lessons
No. of terms per year: 4 terms
Duration per lesson: 90 mins per lesson
Programme Investment: $570 per term (subjected to 7% GST, $50 registration fee and $100 refundable deposit)

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