Frequently Asked Questions

Speech and drama classes focus on presentation, vocal clarity and performance ‘style’ using poetry and classical text. They are about ‘form’ as opposed to the process and purely ‘being’ in the present state.  Our programme focusses on the process of becoming, growing, and ongoing, long-term understanding of the self.  Although we do use some similar concepts of teaching vocal projection, collaboration, etc., we take it a step further with emotion, characterisation, physicality, creativity, improvisation and more.  We also use a variety of theatrical activities specifically designed and used for children for many decades.  It’s through this basis of theatre that the child can gain an understanding of different acting techniques that can be used in the classroom as well as in daily life.

The Actors Centre Australia Kids curriculum has been developed in Australia by Dean Carey (CEO and Founding Director of Actors Centre Australia) with his team which includes Actors Centre Australia’s Patron Hugh Jackman, alongside our Actors Centre Australia Kids team here in Singapore. Unlike many other Speech & Drama programmes in Singapore, Actors Centre Australia Kids is not geared towards a strict examination curriculum. The Actors Centre Australia Kids curriculum has a more holistic and organic approach, focusing on the journey of becoming throughout the acting process. The curriculum focuses on developing the key areas of Confidence, Creativity and Collaboration through a “hands on”, experiential approach, allowing the children to truly “become” different characters, objects, emotions and more in each and every lesson.

The curriculum is based on the 30 years of work by Dean Carey and his famous ACA (Actors Centre Australia) approach.  It encompasses foundational acting techniques, processes and necessary learning tools of storytelling, imagination, improvisation and experiences of empathy, understanding and positive reinforcement.

ACA Kids develops every child’s social skills, physical coordination, active learning strategies, creativity, emotional control and empathy.

The ACA Kids curriculum will:

  • Build confidence
  • Boost creativity
  • Foster connectedness
  • Harness collaboration
  • Inspire invention and fresh thinking
  • Strengthen co-ordination skills
  • Increase understanding of the self in connection with the world


The three Cs always guide us to inspire and instil creativity, confidence and collaboration in everyone we meet, welcome and work alongside

1. Confidence

Confidence is one of life’s absolute necessities. When kids are confident, they develop 100% respect for themselves and all those around them. This creates a solid and productive foundation for interacting confidently with the world.

2. Creativity

As the world reinvents itself, our children have to be ready to do the same – and reinvention requires a high level of creativity. We harness your child’s creativity through engaging activities, exploration and building confident self-expression.

3. Collaboration

The latest psychological research shows that training in theatre enhances EQ by increasing empathy, social emotional control and the ability to connect meaningfully with others. This means that at ACA Kids, we can draw upon the unique power of theatre to build a whole person, by nurturing the child’s inner emotional development.

The ACA Kids style of creativity offers a lifelong process towards ‘becoming’ where the journey of discovery and of connecting to oneself builds momentum and self-understanding as the journey progresses. True creative experiences offer every child ongoing discovery, reflection and connection.

At the end of each term, every participant will share the term’s achievements with family and friends in a short presentation/performance in lesson 10, and receive an official ACA Kids Certificate of Achievement signed by ACA Patron, Hugh Jackman; ACA CEO, Dean Carey and MindChamps Founder CEO & Executive Chairman, David Chiem.

Every exercise within the ACA Kids curriculum encourages one or more of the following seven key outcomes:

  1. Physical awareness (bodies alert, alive and expressive)
  2. Vocal expression (each child has a voice and permission to speak and share)
  3. Sensory exploration (activating sight/sound/smell/hearing/receiving and transmitting)
  4. Q&A: feedback/response/individual sharing
  5. Teamwork (coordinating, supporting and balancing each child’s needs inside a group’s needs and objectives). 
  6. Creation (painting, stories, art and all external expression through external means)
  7. Quality interaction (teacher-led Q & A for feedback/response and individual sharing).

Absolutely. They will become more confident, expressive, focused, connected and engaged; although we always encourage our students to complete a full year at each level.

The ACA Kids programme gives our students some tools and skills needed in order to learn the art of acting: for example, characterisation techniques, emotional control, vocal projection, etc.  All of these skills come together to showcase what has been done each term in the lesson 10 presentation.  With each and every term, your child will continue to grow and blossom.

Every Actors Centre Australia Kids teacher has been accredited through the ACA specialised teacher training modules, with up to 100 hours of training leading to accreditation. Our Actors Centre Australia Kids trainers are from a performing arts background – many of them have either formalised teaching experience or have extensive experience in performing arts.

As all subjects in school require students to give presentations and create group work, the skills learnt during the programme would give them an advantage.

As this programme is not academic based, there are no examinations. Oftentimes, each parent and child comes in with an expectation of what they’d like to get out of the programme.  We encourage parents to share this with the teacher and watch their child continue to grow.

The ACA Kids curriculum has been successfully running since early 2018 and is adapted from Actors Centre Australia (ACA), a world-class Performing Art Centre which boasts a 30-year history of developing World Class Actors. Actors Centre Kids is an amazing partnership between ACA and MindChamps.

All classes and age groups have many exciting activities that are age appropriate and in line with the different stages of development for our ACA Kids.  More details about this can be found on our brochure/website/termly outlines for each age group.

The ACA Kids programme is not aimed at teaching children English. However, as the programme requires children to speak regularly, it will help a child articulate their thoughts and improve their language fluency.

Parents are invited to join the 10th lesson of every term to witness their child’s development first hand in a short presentation/performance. Parents may also approach the trainer to gather feedback on their kid throughout the term.

As the programme is not content based, we are able to accept children with mild learning challenges. However, the child should be able to understand instructions and work in a group setting without any issue. Do check with our Programme Head (Heather) should you need any assistance on this matter.

Our ACA Kids trainers are a mix of locals and non-locals, all of whom are fluent in English.

All trainers either have a qualification in drama or arts, are actor trained and went through MindChamps training and accreditation of over 100 hours before they are qualified to teach the programme.

There will be one trainer per class with assistants at the same ratio as our other programmes: MindChamps Reading, MindChamps Writing, etc.

As we would like to encourage students to be independent in class, we encourage parents to let their children enjoy the class with their trainer and classmates.  Please feel free to connect with the teacher if you have any further questions about your child’s progress, etc.

There are no catch-up lessons due to the practical nature of the programme. However, class notes/parent letters and any take home resources from the class can be given to students who missed a particular lesson. Parents can also connect with the teacher to understand what was covered that week.

Class Level Minimum Students Maximum Students
3 to 4 years old 6 10
5 to 6 years old 6 12
7 to 9 years old 6 14

We will be issuing the following merchandise:

  • Actors Centre Australia Kids T-Shirt
  • Folder
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Certificate

Handouts will be provided after each lesson, so parents are aware of what was taught during the lesson. There will be optional home tasks to help strengthen the student’s understanding in class.

Yes, transfers can be made upon the completion of a term.

No, there isn’t because one of the joys of this programme is how parents can connect with their child each week by reading the weekly parent letter and asking them the guided questions provided about what happens each week in class.  Parents are also invited to watch a short performance put on by their kid and their classmates on the 10th lesson of every term.  This is the opportunity for parents to see the growth in their child each term with their own eyes and ask the teacher any follow-up questions they might have. We also encourage parents to connect with the teacher anytime throughout the term should they need to know more about their child’s progress.

Our youngest class is for the N1 and N2 age group.  So, the minimum age would be a child in an N1 class.

Yes! We allow children to join the class throughout the term until lesson 6.  The child must join by at least lesson 6 because that is when the class begins to prepare for and rehearse the end of the term presentation.

Investment is payable on a per term basis as follows:

Level Without GST With GST
3 to 4 years old S$570 S$609.90
5 to 6 years old S$570 S$609.90
7 to 9 years old  S$570  S$609.90


Registration Fee

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of S$50.00 (subject to GST if applicable), applies for all new students in the centre.

Refundable Deposit

A refundable deposit of S$100 nett per programme is required upon enrolment confirmation. The deposit serves as a fee to secure a placement for the next term.

ACA Kids Singapore centres are strategically located at the following 2 locations:

 ACA Kids @ Toa Payoh
90 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub Biz 3, #05-12
(Lift Lobby 2), Singapore 310490

ACA Kids @ Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
#1-213, Singapore 039594