Actors Centre Australia Kids develops every child’s social skills, physical coordination, active learning, creativity, emotional control and empathy.

The Actors Centre Australia Kids curriculum will:

Build Confidence

Boost Creativity

Foster Connectedness

Inspire Invention and Fresh Thinking

Strengthen Coordination Skills

Increased Understanding of the Self in Connection to the World

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4 Key Guiding Principles

All Actors Centre Australia Kids classes are guided by 4 key principles, the combination of which ensure that our programme is engaging, adventurous and loaded with encouragement. This evolving journey builds skills, confidence and the kind of understanding of ‘self’ and ‘other’ which only a truly engaging and collaborative process can achieve.


Carefully guided exercises encourage each child to feel more:

Focused | Trusting | Confident | Empowered


Expanding experiences move into bold new areas, where each child feels more:

Connected | Collaborative | Motivated | Engaged


Time to build, construct and achieve. Each child will feel more:

Courageous | Expressive | Creative | Curious


Through an active imagination and sense of achievement, each child will feel more:

Committed | Generous | Excited | Proud

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Our Three Unique Curriculum Pillars

Actors Centre Australia Kids’ unique curriculum rests upon 3 pillars: confidence, creativity and collaboration. With these three aspects combining class by class, every child experiences the essential components for growth.

Actors Centre Australia Kids and MindChamps have combined our care, knowledge and expertise to create the richest atmosphere in which each child can find their feet, claim their voice and simply shine.


Confidence is a vital attribute for life. By developing 100% respect for themselves and all those around them, our children create a solid and productive foundation for interacting confidently with the world.



As the world reinvents itself, our children have to be ready to do the same – and reinvention requires a high level of creativity. We harness your child’s creativity through engaging activities, exploration and by building confident self-expression.



The latest psychological research shows that training in theatre enhances EQ by increasing empathy, social emotional control and the ability to connect meaningfully with others. At Actors Centre Australia Kids, we draw upon the unique power of theatre to build the whole person, by nurturing the child’s inner emotional development.