The "Four Keys" to Unlock Imagination

Every class across the journey combines our essential ‘4 keys’ to unlock each child’s imagination and evolution:


An exciting start of every class to engage the creative spark. Carefully guided exercises encourage each child to feel more:

Focused | Trusting | Confident | Empowered


Expanding experiences move into bold new areas, where each child feels more:

Connected | Collaborative | Motivated | Engaged


Time to build, construct and achieve. Each child will feel more:

Courageous | Expressive | Creative | Curious


Through an active imagination and sense of achievement, each child will feel more:

Committed | Generous | Excited | Proud

All of the 10 stage sessions is an individual journey which travels through carefully constructed and ongoing modules combining each of the four elements of our unique curriculum: Ignition, Exploration, Immersion and Creation. This evolving journey builds skills, confidence and the kind of understanding of ‘self’ and ‘other’ which only a truly engaging and collaborative process can achieve.

Champion Mindset Theatre style of creativity offers a lifelong process towards ‘becoming’ where the journey of discovery and of connecting to oneself builds momentum and self-understanding as the journey progresses. True creative experiences offer every child ongoing discovery, reflection and connection.

At the end of each term, every participant will share the term’s achievements with family and friends and receive an official Champion Mindset Theatre Certificate of Achievement signed by ACA Patron, Hugh Jackman, ACA CEO, Dean Carey and MindChamps Founder CEO, David Chiem.

All Champion Mindset Theatre teachers are professional actors who have been carefully selected, trained and accredited by ACA.