The Three Pillars of Empowerment

Champion Mindset Theatre’s unique curriculum rests upon 3 pillars: confidence, creativity and collaboration. With the combination of these three aspects in class, every child experiences the essential components for growth:

Confidence – This is the energy behind having faith to rely upon yourself and someone else. It comes from the appreciation of one’s own abilities and the appreciation of the abilities of those around you. Essentially confidence lies at the heart of all interaction and is a lifetime necessity. Learning this with 100% respect for yourself and all those around you creates a unique type of confidence and a unique interface with the world.

Creativity – This is the energy behind the play, imagination, a sense of freedom and invention. Nurturing this positive springboard via games, exploration and achievement allows every child to step into a level of belief in themselves as well as a new level of connection with all of those around them. 100% respect guides all play and creativity.

Collaboration – Everybody has a unique place in the world and something to share. When a child feels for something naturally and effortlessly, they can positively connect both themselves and others and build something bigger. This, in itself, is a great gift.

Champion Mindset Theatre and MindChamps PreSchools have combined our care, knowledge and expertise to create the richest atmosphere in which each child can find their feet, claim their voice and simply shine.