Key Research: Allowing Kids to Shine

We want our children to put their best foot forward and moving creatively, confidently and collaboratively into life. Research shows there is no better space to nurture and inspire kids to enliven and unlock their rich inner resources, than the creative arts.

Professor Kathy Hirsch-Pasek in Philadelphia Department of Psychology at Temple University, describes play being at the heart of all learning for it is a driver for language and social skills, taking on various perspectives, controlling emotion and a major catalyst to elicit empathy.

Champion Mindset Theatre curriculum understands these key objectives and encompasses 4 key principles which drive every class: IGNITION, IMMERSION, EXPLORATION and CREATION.

Each principle sets up the most enticing atmosphere for kids to step forward, share, connect and create together.

Through stories, movement, reading, painting, combined games and group creation, the inner worlds of each child are released inside an environment of vibrancy, respect and collaboration.

Champion Mindset Theatre brings a weekly myriad of touchstone experiences for every child to activate their curiosity and connect them to those around them in positive and meaningful ways.

Every exercise which makes up the Actors Centre Kids curriculum is based upon 3 elements:

  1. It’s positive
  2. It’s practical and
  3. It’s productive.

These three key elements ensure the energy and focus in the room remains active and that a guiding momentum leads each group from term to term.